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Welcome to my proven guide that will show you some of the best ways to make paypal money online.


Over the past 5 years I’ve been making regular money from the internet that I pay into my paypal account every week.


I make money online every day with my websites, facebook and referral programs and so can you ! If your serious about making money for your paypal account our guide will make you money.

Making money online is not an easy task but with the right methods in place you will succeed.


So let me begin by asking you a question.

How many websites have you visited saying this ?

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The birth of the internet has opened up many earning opportunities that can help individuals like you and i make money online from home. Business minded people are creating better opportunities and generating more profit in a very lucrative amount.


Whether you want to make some extra money or have a permanent source of online income you can earn a lot of money from the comfort of your own home, but knowing how and where to start is sometimes very confusing so below i have put together a must do list that will make you paypal money online.

Make money with our own website


If you are serious about making money online then buying your very own .com website is the first thing you must do. I cannot stress this first point enough.


Publishing your own website is by far the best way for you to start generating money online. Without your own website you are going to miss out on loads of other revenue opportunities like social media, advertising and referrals which we will speak about later in our guide.


So why is owning your website or domain so important you may ask. Well with your own website you are in control of all the money making options mentioned above.


You would think it’s obvious to have your own .com website but I can tell you from the many people I’ve spoken to who say “I have my Twitter account, or I have my Facebook page or I have a Reddit page… I don’t need a website.” Then there the people who have their own website but spend all their efforts driving everyone to Facebook or Twitter etc.


Some people don’t look at a website as a significant part of their online money making venture. They think of it as an afterthought. If you are serious about making money online owning your website is your future to being an online success, everything you hope to achieve depends on it. Your website is your bit of real estate on the internet.


With your own website you can experiment with all of the new internet technologies and tools when they are released.


Your website should be the centre of all your online money making goals and all the other various social media networks like facebook and twitter should revolve around and be linked to it.


You should use social media as a tool to send traffic to your official website where you have placed advertising or your own referral program links.


Use social networks to interact with your fans or customers on your website.


Social networks are great for sending new visitors to your website don’t get me wrong on that point and in later editions we will go into their many attributes for driving traffic and increasing your websites online presence. The more visitors you get to your website increases the money you will make.

Free hosted website versus your own .com website

We all have the option to create a free website as you have seen from the many ads posted on the internet.


Free hosted website providers like, and do in fact provide a great service but for anyone who is serious about making money online the answer will always be my own .com domain and here are some of the reasons why.


Which to you looks better below ? or


The yes ! It not only looks better but in search engine rankings like google, yahoo and bing it will do better.


With your own domain you also have the choice to place whatever links to social media, advertising and referral programs you like because you are in control.


With many of the free host website providers you don’t have the choice unless you upgrade or leave a link to their site on your free website. With some free host providers you will not even be allowed to change your meta tags which in turn impedes your search engine ranking.

My Own Website

Now first off think what your website theme is going to be about. My website theme or topic is about making paypal money online. You could pick a theme that interests you or anything else you think other people will be interested in.


Take your time here and make sure you have done some proper research.

A great free tool to use in your research is google adwords, here you can look at how many people search for say the keywords make money online and try to incorporate the same words in your domain name


Your websites domain name is very important, my site as I said above is about making paypal money so I bought the .com domain name.


I have utilised the theme of my website in the domain name. This helps greatly in search engine results.